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by Glenda Berry



In January of 2006, I traveled to Bogota, Columbia and met with Ray Wilson, Jr. of Black Buffalo Ministries and traveled with his group to the Amazon Basin at the bottom of Columbia and upper part of Brazil and Peru.



We spent a lot of time traveling up and down the Amazon River.  




The rest of the group stayed in Leticia, Columbia and I had the pleasure of staying with Will and Lydia Chowning and their family in Tabatinga, Brazil. 



We had an awsome time training 8 different churches in puppetry and children's ministries.  Also, we had the privilege of training 28 people from various churches to construct puppets. Each of them made their favorite Bible character to use in their children's ministries.

I traveled by fast boat up river to Peru and did some children's ministry and conducted training classes at a pastor's conference where pastors and their families had come from all over Peru for fellowship and training. The house next to the Chownings has been set up as a Christian Bible and literature resource center. We were able to bless them with puppets, books and children's ministry materials to make available to the local pastors in a children's ministry resource library.

We traveled down river in a launch and I learned how to sleep in a hammock on the boat at Sabonete in the jungles of Brazil. The Bible Institute there was having a 6 year anniversary celebration and we were able to do some training and join in their celebration. Pastors and spiritual leaders were there from various Indian tribes up and down the river. They were eager to learn new ideas to take back with them to their villages.



We went to be a blessing to them, but came back feeling more blessed by their dedication to working for God!  What a joy it was to worship with them in the style of the Indian and South American culture!






Son World Ministries, Inc. is an interdenominational, charitable non-profit organization that helps children's missionary efforts in foreign countries as well as here in the United States. We are involved in teaching, training, and providing materials to evangelical missionaries who work with children and are completely supported by donations and gifts which we distribute to anyone who disseminates God's Word to children. Glenda Hoyle Berry is President and founder of this 501C3 organization.

President: Glenda Berry

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